MeMe Roze our first Queen at Luv Exoticz born July 4th 2015, is a beautiful calico.

MeMe had her first litter of 3 June 30th 2016 and has been an amazing momma, cleaning and caring for them!

MeMe has always been a curious little girl if you open it she’s on it, she’s in it, she’s under it.

She keeps us laughing for hours!!

Policy: Luv Exoticz is very particular about where we place our cats/kittens. Luv Exoticz reserves the right to refuse any sale of a cat or kitten.
Until a cat/kitten leaves Luv Exoticz Cattery we have the right to make All decisions pertaining to our Luv Exoticz cats/kittens.
Deposits: Our policy here at Luv Exoticz is that once a deposit has been placed on a cat/kitten that particular cat/kitten is yours, there will be No changing of cat/kittens once a decision has been made and the deposit is in place.