About Luv Exoticz!

Welcome friends to Luv Exoticz! We are a licensed CFA registered small cattery and a PKD & FELV/FIV Negative Cattery. Luv Exoticz breeds doll face and extreme face Exotic Shorthair Cats (ESH). Our cats are a variety of colors including point and CPC’s! We are a smoke free cattery in Franklin, NC.

We are a small hobby breeder of CFA registered Exotic cats. We breed for health, personality, pet and show quality babies. We do not take reservations for kittens that are not yet born. The cats are in my personal home, this IS NOT a business or a pet shop. I am very select who I sell to and who I let into my private home.

When I know what I will be offering for sale, and the quality of the kittens, I will post on social media first. The kitten will then be available for reservation to an approved home.

My focus is on placing our kittens in the right home and I retain the right to refuse a sale at anytime for any reason.

When inquiring about our kittens, please let us know a little bit about yourself, like your home situation and your experience with the Exotic Shorthair breed. We also want to know about the other people and animals in your home to ensure this is the right situation for you, the kitten and others in your home. I do not respond to vague inquiries!

You MUST be certain that every person in your household is not allergic to cats. This is especially important with young children. We need to make sure that our babies have a secure home.

Our kittens are raised in our loving home with normal household activities and lots of love and handling. We get very attached to our babies and need to know that they are going to the best possible homes who are committed to them, as if they are your own children.

Our kittens are to go to an INDOOR home ONLY!!

Luv Exoticz cats and kittens live with us underfoot and they are a part of our family. Our kittens are hand held from day one and receive enormous amounts of love and attention. This human interaction makes them extremely social and playful!

All adult in our household have been tested negative for PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease).

Kittens are healthy to the best of our knowledge when they leave our home. We prefer you to take your new kitten to your vet for an exam within 72 hours of bringing them home to establish your kitten as a patient and to address any questions you may have.

Only deposit hold/reserve a kitten for you. All deposits are Non-Refundable and are taken in good faith on a kitten. Please make sure before placing a deposit this is something you are absolutely sure of, also that it is a right time in your life and for everyone around you. Please don’t make a hasty decision because again deposits are Non-Refundable!

Our kittens are vet examined, current on age appropriate vaccinations, altered before going to their new home (spay/neuter), Fungus free and Flee free. Kittens can be micro chipped at the buyers request at an additional charge at the time of altering.

There is a non refundable deposit to hold your kitten. Kittens go quick so if you want one get your deposit in by using the link below!

Adding an ESH kitten to your home is an amazing experience that you and your family will never forget! ESH kittens are puppy like, following you from room to room and wanting to be involved in everything. Always a playful side for years to come but as they mature they turn into the elegant lounging lap cat! Hurry and get your furry companion don’t miss out on what could be the most wonderful years of your life!

For More information about Exotic Shorthair Cats see our ‘About ESH’s‘ page or go to the links page. For more information about our policies please see the policy page.

        Thank you

         Luv Exoticz Cattery 

Policy: Luv Exoticz is very particular about where we place our cats/kittens. Luv Exoticz reserves the right to refuse any sale of a cat or kitten.
Until a cat/kitten leaves Luv Exoticz Cattery we have the right to make All decisions pertaining to our Luv Exoticz cats/kittens.
All Luv Exoticz’s Kittens and Adults will be chipped before leaving for their new home. The chip information will remain in the name of Luv Exoticz Cattery.
Deposits: Our policy here at Luv Exoticz is that once a deposit has been placed on a cat/kitten that particular cat/kitten is yours, there will be No changing of cat/kittens once a decision has been made and the deposit is in place.

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